Moc Chau National Tourist Area – World's Leading Regional Nature Destination 2023

On April 22, 2024, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision No. 1077/QD-BVHTTDL recognising the Moc Chau National Tourist Area. This decision, affirming the stature of highland tourism, is important in enhancing the status of Son La’s tourism, shifting its economic structure and promoting local tourism development.

The S-shaped section on National Highway 6 in Van Ho district, Son La province.

The Moc Chau National Tourist Area has a total planned area of 206,150 hectares, located in Moc Chau and Van Ho districts. This place boasts diverse, rich, unique and attractive tourism resources, both in terms of natural tourism and cultural tourism.

About 150km from Hanoi, the area is both the gateway to Son La province and a bridge connecting tourism in the capital and the Northern Delta with the northwestern provinces. It is regarded as the most important national tourist areas on the "Through the Northwest" tourism corridor on the main traffic route of National Highway 6.

Moc Chau plateau is blessed by nature with many beautiful landscapes, systems of caves and waterfalls, majestic mountains and forests such as: Doi (Bat) cave, the five caves in On hamlet, Dai Yem waterfall, Tat Nang waterfall, Nang Tien waterfall, the pine forest in Ang hamlet, Pha Luong mountain, and the hot spring system in Phu Mau hamlet. This place is also a land of many flowers, notably peach and plum blossoms, Ban (Bauhini) and white mustard flowers. The green tea hills are also attractive to tourists who come to the Moc Chau National Tourist Area.

The highland area contains tangible and intangible cultural heritage values, representing rich potential for tourism development. In the tourist area, there are four national-level and nearly 20 provincial-level relic sites. This place also preserves many unique cultural values of the Thai, Mong, Dao, Xinh Mun, La Ha and Muong ethnic groups with seven national intangible cultural heritages.

Many ethnic villages and hamlets still retain traditional cultural values. Traditional house architectures of ethnic minorities and traditional crafts are resources that can be tapped for tourism development, especially community-based tourism.

Tran Xuan Viet, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that natural and cultural tourism resources have become a strength of Moc Chau tourism and a driving force for sustainable tourism growth and development. International tourists tend to choose places with pristine natural landscapes and intact culture. Son La province has preserved its natural landscapes, retained its original features, and created differences to lure visitors.

With the goal of building the Moc Chau National Tourist Area into an attractive destination for tourists, the Party Committees and authorities of the province and the two districts of Moc Chau and Van Ho have directed relevant units to focus on developing tourism to ensure a harmony of factors: economy - society - culture - environment; and harmonise the interests of stakeholders in tourism activities. They urged strengthening tourism management, planning and planning management, thus ensuring harmony with the environment and not damaging the natural landscape; developing tourism facilities; and enhancing tourism promotion.

According to Tran Dan Khoi, Secretary of the Moc Chau district Party Committee, the district Party Committee and authorities have directed the synchronous implementation of many solutions, focusing on improving the business environment and competitiveness, creating the most favourable conditions for investors to survey, devise and implement tourism projects in the area, contributing to making Moc Chau worthy of a national tourist area.

In recent years, the tourism infrastructure of the Moc Chau National Tourist Area has developed rapidly and sustainably with 324 accommodation establishments, of them 54 star-rated and evaluated to meet standards for serving tourists. Here there are 395 food service providers and 58 shopping establishments serving tourists.

Many special tourist areas and spots, and service facilities boast synchronous infrastructure, with many attractive tourism products, such as Moc Chau Island tourist area, Ang hamlet pine forest, Dai Yem waterfall, Happy Land Moc Chau, and A Chu Homestay, which are attracting more and more tourists.

The Moc Chau Island tourist area in Muong Sang commune is the most modern amusement park in the northwestern region, with many attractive entertainment activities chosen by tourists when coming to Moc Chau plateau. The Bach Long Glass Bridge has won many Guinness world records, or unprecedented adventure games like the "Exploring the sky" zipline are appealing to visitors. Tourists can become a racer with F1 Kart Club, experience rainbow air-slide and train hotel, or explore Chim Than cave.

The 50-hectare pine forest tourist area in Ang hamlet, Dong Sang commune is likened to a "miniature Da Lat" with towering ancient pine trees around a romantic 3-hectare natural lake, and a resort and entertainment area.

The Happy Land Moc Chau resort and entertainment complex is a tourist destination covering a large valley in Lun hamlet, Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district with full tourism infrastructure and services to serve tourists.

The Dai Yem waterfall tourist area in Muong Sang commune stands out with Dai Yem waterfall made up of many large and small waterfall branches with a height of more than 100m. Opposite the waterfall is the first 5D glass bridge in Vietnam called the Love Glass Bridge.

The Moc Chau walking street and night market include a dining area, kiosks selling ethnic brocade items; a snack and fast food area; an area selling Moc Chau agricultural products; an area displaying artifacts featuring the Thai ethnic cultural identity. Coming here, visitors can feel a multi-colour space of culture with artistic and traditional values; enjoy unique musical performances and explore handicrafts and agricultural products produced by ethnic people.

A Chu Homestay in Van Ho commune has a unique design and is made of natural materials imbued with Mong ethnic culture. The Nordic Village Resort in Hua Tat village, Van Ho commune is located in the middle of a green pine forest with bungalows featuring unique architecture like villages in Northern Europe.

There are many other attractive tourist attractions, such as the Tay Tien Regiment 52 historical relic site; the Tang Me tomb cave; and Pha Luong Peak. Located nearly 2000m above sea level near the Vietnam - Laos border area, Pha Luong Peak is a famous tourist destination, in the top 19 northwestern tourist destinations with pristine beauty and majestic mountains hidden in the hazy clouds.

Nguyen Thanh Hai, Vice Chairman of the Van Ho district People's Committee, said tourism development is one of the three breakthroughs set out by Van Ho. The district has implemented many solutions to accompany businesses in implementing investment procedures and encourage mobilisation of social sources. It is focusing on preserving and embellishing traditional house architectures, works serving production, and homestays to ensure quality and safety for sightseeing activities.

To bring Son La tourism, especially the Moc Chau National Tourist Area, to the world, specialised agencies of the province and the district has stepped up digital transformation and applied 4.0 technology to promote and develop tourism. The Moc Chau Tourist Area Management Board has used virtual reality (VR) technology to promote Moc Chau tourism ( Moc Chau district has built the digital tourism map of Moc Chau (Moc Chau-Son La 3D/360 Smart Tourism).

The Moc Chau digital tourist map

According to Phung Quang Thang, Standing Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Society of Travel Agents, the Moc Chau National Tourist Area has seen strong development. “Through the province’s efforts to promote investment and connect travel businesses, and especially via direct surveys, we realise that this land has many attractive tourist attractions, which help companies organise many tours during the year,” he said.

With unique cultural features, many landscapes, and the determination of the local Party Committee and authorities, the Moc Chau National Tourist Area will continue to affirm its position and shine on the national and world tourism maps in the coming time.

Coming to the Moc Chau National Tourist Area, visitors can choose many hotels, resorts, and restaurants to enjoy the specialties of the plateau, explore famous landscapes, and have wonderful relaxing moments with their family, friends and relatives.


Muong Thanh Holiday Moc Chau Hotel

Located on National Highway 6 - the main route to the Northwest and right in the centre of the Moc Chau National Tourist Area, Muong Thanh Holiday Moc Chau Hotel boasts 171 4-star standard rooms, a health care centre, a sauna and a restaurant serving thousands of guests at the same time.

Address: Moc Chau Farm town, Moc Chau district

Phone number: 0212 225 8886



Thao Nguyen Resort

Thao Nguyen Resort is a leading tourist area in the northwestern region. Covering an area of 6 hectares, it features luxurious and spacious villas scattered on the hillsides which represent a wonderful harmony between nature and architectural quintessence. The resort includes 100 rooms facing vast green space so visitors can immerse themselves in nature.

Address: Moc Chau Farm town, Moc Chau district

Phone number: 0212 3869 666 - 0869 555 667 - 0886 094222



Eco Garden Moc Chau Resort

Peacefully situated next to a winding stream surrounded by pristine natural scenery at the foot of a pine hill, the resort includes 14 separate bungalows with beautiful views and unique design inspired by the stilt roofs in the northwestern region, making it an ideal stop for tourists looking for new experiences, nature lovers, and those who want to enjoy a simple and peaceful life.

Address: Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district

Phone number: 096 588 5995


Manh Tuan Germany Hotel Moc Chau

It is one of the largest hotels in Moc Chau with 63 comfortable and modern rooms with luxurious interiors, providing tourists with the best vacation experience. In addition, visitors can also enjoy modern services via a system of karaoke, meeting and event rooms. Its 500sq.m restaurant, featuring 100 tables and a 300 inch LED screen, can serve hundreds of diners with the most delicious and attractive dishes.

Address: Moc Chau town, Moc Chau district.

Phone number: 02123 866 674



Glenda Tower Moc Chau Hotel

Located in the centre of Moc Chau town, Glenda Tower Moc Chau is a 4-star hotel designed in a neoclassical style. The hotel includes 80 luxury rooms, a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, an indoor 4-season saltwater swimming pool, a sauna, and a bar on the 11th floor offering a panoramic view of Moc Chau town. Glenda Tower Moc Chau Hotel is the tallest and most luxurious hotel in the “land of fog”.

Address: Moc Chau town, Moc Chau district

Phone number: 0212 376 6999



Vigolando Van Ho Resort

Vigolando Van Ho Resort covers 28,700sq.m, featuring a restaurant and 17 A bungalows; 22 B bungalows; six Family apartments; two community motels; a swimming pool and auxiliary works. With a modern style combined with the beauty of indigenous culture, Vigolando is a high-class resort with full services, serving the needs of domestic and foreign tourists.

Address: Chieng Di 2 hamlet, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district

Phone number: 0967864247



Van Ho Ecolodge

Located in the middle of a vast field, with majestic mountains in the back, Van Ho Ecolodge has three community motels, each about 120sq.m, designed and decorated with bold cultural features of the three ethnic groups: Mong, Muong and Thai. There are also eight bungalows for couples and families who want a private space. Along with exploring the beautiful scenery, visitors can enjoy the typical flavors of the northwestern region.

Address: 171 National Highway 6, Van Ho commune, Van Ho district

Phone number: 096 203 68 69




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