Moc Chau welcomes 295,000 tourists in February

Moc Chau district hosted 295,000 tourists in February, generating revenue of 363 billion VND (14.7 million USD).

The district currently has 295 accommodation establishments in operation, including nine 1-3 star hotels, one 4-star hotel and one resort; 400 catering and shopping establishments; over 10 tourist areas, spots, and hamlets; and 12 tourism and travel service providers.

Famous tourist attractions include the Moc Chau Island tourist area with Bach Long glass bridge; the Ang hamlet pine forest luxury resort; the Dai Yem waterfall eco-tourism area; Son Moc Huong cave and five caves in On hamlet; Happy Land, the 52 Tay Tien Regiment memorial area; the heart tea hill and Na Ka plum valley; community tourism hamlets and homestays in Ang hamlet, Dong Sang commune; Vat hamlet, Muong Sang commune; and Doi hamlet, Tan Lap commune...

The Happy Land tourist area in Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district.



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