Muong La attractive destination to tourists

Muong La district, about 40 km from Son La city and blessed with a plenty of beautiful landscapes, has become one of the most attractive destinations in Son La province

Tourists pose for a photo at the stone jar area, Ke hamlet, Ngoc Chien commune.

Muong La is located in the province’s key economic triangle of Son La city, Muong La and Mai Son districts, and on the vital traffic route connecting Muong La with the provinces of Yen Bai, Dien Bien, Lai Chau and Lao Ca.  It also forms part of the Hanoi capital - Son La - Muong La - Lai Chau - Sa Pa – Lao Cai tour.

On the basis of preserving, honouring and promoting cultural and historical values, and bringing into full play the potential and strengths of the natural landscape, Muong La has issued the district tourism development project for the 2020-2025 period.

The project has helped promote local tourism development in a professional and modern direction associated with preserving ethnic cultural values ​​and protecting the environment.

Many tourism products and services have initially been formed, such as community-based tourism, cultural tourism, eco-tourism and agricultural tourism. Among those are community-based tourism sites in Luot and Na Tau hamlets in Ngoc Chien commune; the Son La Hydropower Plant; and Son La hydropower reservoir tourism in It Ong, Muong Trai, Hua Trai, and Chieng Lao.

Some tours have drawn a large number of tourists such as mountain climbing to conquer Ta Chi Nhu Peak, or a tour to take photos of the hawthorn flower season in Nam Nghep hamlet.

Now the district has three hotels, 25 homestays and motels and two community-based tourism sites, with increasingly professional tourism activities. The number of visitors to Muong La has gradually increased over the years, reaching 150,000 in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 6.1%. Total revenue hit about 56 billion VND (2.2 million USD), up 4% against 2022. Since the beginning of this year, the district has served 59,900 visitors, earning around 20.9 billion VND.

Tourists visit Nam Nghep hamlet, Ngoc Chien commune.

Referring to Muong La tourism, it is impossible not to mention the "fairyland" Ngoc Chien, because of its beautiful mountain and river landscapes, hawthorn flower and new rice celebration festivals, diverse and unique cultural identity, and friendly and hospitable people.

Every year, the commune welcomes 50,000-60,000 tourists, raking in around 20 billion VND. Currently, the commune is taking actions to gradually professionalise tourism products, step up promotion and connectivity activities, and develop infrastructure.

Ngoc Chien is also focusing on building a chain of specific tourism products to create highlights and differences, as well as connections between localities for the goal of sustainable tourism development.

The Son La hydropower reservoir boats wild and mysterious beauty, rich flora and fauna, and unique river culture. In addition to promoting the advantages of cage culture, people in Muong Trai commune is developing resort, ecological, and entertainment tourism on the reservoir.

Muong La district has paid attention to promoting intangible cultural values ​​of local ethnic minorities, including organising the restoration and preservation of traditional festivals and customs to turn them into tourism products, such as the new rice celebration, Pang A, Nang Han and boat racing festivals.

It has also intensified cooperation with neighbouring districts like Mu Cang Chai, Tram Tau and Van Chan (Yen Bai province) and Bac Yen (Son La) to create opportunities and a favourable environment to promote tourism potential of localities in the northwestern region.




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