Northwest provinces strengthen tourism cooperation links with Thanh Hoa

As part of a series of field trips to tourist attractions in Thanh Hoa province, the Son La provincial People's Committee held a conference on March 13, in Thanh Hoa city to announce a programme on tourism stimulus and consultations to perfect a tourism product named "Thanh Hoa tourism - flavours of four seasons" in 2024.

At the conference to announce a programme on tourism stimulus and consultations to perfect tourism products.

With the goal of promoting existing potential and advantages, and soon turning tourism into a key economic sector, in recent years, Thanh Hoa has attached importance to investment promotion in the sector and has attracted a lot of strategic investors. To date, the province has lured 81 projects, with a total registered capital of about 146 trillion VND (5.9 billion USD), including large-scale projects such as FLC Sam Son resort and golf course complex, Tien Thanh marine eco-tourism site, and projects of SunGroup.

In order to fulfil its targets of welcoming 13.8 million visitors and earning a revenue of 32.39 trillion VND this year, the local tourism industry plans to organise 145 cultural, sports and tourism activities and events at tourist areas and destinations throughout the province, and introduce the product "Thanh Hoa tourism - flavours of four seasons", with a focus on four types: urban tourism, island tourism, cultural and historical tourism, and community-based eco-tourism.

Speaking at the conference, a leader of Thanh Hoa province emphasised that the province's goal in the coming time is to make the tourist market from Northwest provinces truly become an important market, which will account for a large proportion in the number of tourists to Thanh Hoa. After this event, tourism units and businesses in Thanh Hoa province need to maintain and improve product quality and diversify tourism services; actively build and apply diverse forms of attractive demand stimulation, promotions, and discounts; focus on developing new products and services to meet market tastes and trends; and proactively carry out connection activities with other localities to develop tourism together.


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