Van Ho Ban Flower Festival 2024 to take place from March 15-17

Van Ho district will hold the Ban (Bauhinia) Flower Festival 2024 on a district scale in Chieng Khoa commune from March 15-17.

The Van Ho Ban Flower Festival in 2023.

Within the framework of the festival, many exciting cultural and sports activities will take place, including a ceremony commemorating Ms. Bang Muong at the Bang Muong Temple cultural and historical relic site in Khoong hamlet, Chieng Khoa commune; a Ban flower beauty contest; display and introduction of traditional culture, tourism and local agricultural products; a contest on making and displaying traditional feasts; con (cloth ball) throwing, crossbow shooting, tug of war, stick pushing, men's volleyball and fish catching competitions.

Besides, visitors can participate in the district's highland cultural and culinary space featuring thang co (a dish made from horse meat and its organ), dried meat and grilled fish, along with folk games of ethnic groups.



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