Phu Dong sports festivals open in Son La city, Song Ma district

Son La city’s 27th Phu Dong Sports Festival 2024 opened at Stadium 3-2 on January 22.

The opening ceremony of the 27th Phu Dong Sports Festival 2024 in Son La city.

The event drew more than 800 students from 24 primary, secondary, primary & secondary schools in the city, competing in nine events: chess, football, athletics, shuttlecock kicking, badminton, stick pushing, tug of war, crossbow shooting, and taekwondo for all ages.

 A procession of President Ho Chi Minh's portrait at the opening ceremony.

The event is a major sports festival aimed at promoting the campaign "All people take exercises following the example of great Uncle Ho", helping students improve their health and fitness. It is also an opportunity to evaluate physical education and sports activities in schools; discover and select athletes with high performance for participating in the 12th provincial Phu Dong Sports Festival.

Immediately after the opening ceremony, men's soccer and badminton competitions took place. As scheduled, Son La city’s 27th Phu Dong Sports Festival will last until January 31.

A football match at Son La city’s 27th Phu Dong Sports Festival.

On the same day, at Square 3/2, Song Ma district also opened its 13th Phu Dong Sports Festival 2024.

Attending the event were 789 athletes from 35 delegations of primary and secondary schools, competing in nine sports, including football, table tennis, badminton, shuttlecock kicking, stick pushing, chess, athletics, crossbow shooting and Taekwondo, with 37 events in four age groups.

The festival is taking place from January 15 to 27.

Delegations receive flags from the organizing committee.
Athletes participate in a relay race.
The organizing committee awards prizes to athletes participating in the crossbow shooting competition.

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