5th Yen Chau Mango Festival 2024 opens

The fifth Yen Chau Mango Festival 2024 opened in Kha hamlet, Sap Vat commune, Yen Chau district on June 8.

At the opening of the fifth Yen Chau Mango Festival 2024.

Yen Chau is one of major fruit tree growing localities in the province, with over 11,500 hectares. The fruits here bear regional characteristics and are known and favoured by tourists inside and outside the province.

They include a fragrant and sweet round mango which was granted a geographical indication (GI) certificate by the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam; and a delicious green-skinned mango grown on 24 growing areas with codes for export.

Currently, the whole district has over 3,280 hectares of mangoes, with an output of about 15,000 tonnes per year.

The mango festival has been organised annually by Yen Chau district since 2017, aiming to promote the Yen Chau mango brand and honour mango growers, contributing to introducing the land and people of Yen Chau to friends and tourists inside and outside the province, thus promoting rural tourism in Kha hamlet and Yen Chau district in general.

An art performance celebrates the mango festival.
Special art performances at the mango festival.

The 5th Yen Chau Mango Festival 2024, scheduled for June 8-9, features an array of activities including a mango picking competition, a Xoe dance contest, an agricultural product and handicraft booth arrangement contest for communes and towns, and a tour of mango orchards.

Delegates visit a booth at the festival.

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