Son La joins 20th Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Fair

Son La province has showcased their products at the 20th Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Fair, which is taking place at the 23/9 Park in the southern metropolis from April 4-7 with the theme of "20 years of a lively journey.”

Son La’s pavilion at the 20th Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Fair displays local agricultural and tourism products.

The fair features more than 150 pavilions from 45 cities and provinces, and 50 travel and service firms. They are divided into the three areas of tourism promotion, product display, and cuisine. The pavilions showcase special products and services with various activities and games, notably promotional tours and exchanges with customers.

Son La province’s pavilion, themed “Son La - safe, attractive destination”, attracts crowds of visitors.

With the theme of “Son La – safe, attractive destination”, Son La’s pavilion introduces tourism maps of the province and its Moc Chau Tourist Area in particular, special festivals in Moc Chau and Van Ho districts, the Muong La travel guidebook, and publications on local tourism products.  

Others on display include “One Commune-One Product” (OCOP) items and typical local farm produce like plums, smoked meat, cham cheo (a special salt made by ethnic minority people), fish, dried fruits, lonely garlic, honey, coffee and vermicelli, attracting many tourists as well as domestic and foreign travel firms.




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