Communication campaign launched to respond to World Thalassaemia Day

Muong La district’s Health Centre coordinated with It Ong town to launch a communication campaign in response to the World Thalassaemia Day on May 8.

Thalassaemia causes serious consequences on the quality of the race, the lives of patients and the community. In Son La province, it is estimated that each year, among about 100,000 newborns, there are about 250 cases of fetal edema, and about 200 with moderate to severe diseases who have to be treated for life. Currently, Muong La has 42 Thalassaemia patients, mainly newborns. The causes are intermarriage and genetic inheritance, especially among ethnic minorities in remote areas.

Forces parade on It Ong town’s streets to raise awareness of Thalassaemia.

The district has directed the district Health Centre, and commune and town health stations to increase the testing of people at reproductive age to detect those carrying the Thalassaemia gene to proactively seek consultations and screening before marriage, pregnancy and childbirth.

Attention will be paid to promoting dissemination work to raise public awareness of this disease, especially advising locals not to marry early, marry close relatives, eliminate outdated customs and build a civilised lifestyle.


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