Muong La plants trees, launches “All people engage in irrigation” movement

Muong La district on February 19 held a ceremony in Pi Toong commune to launch a tree planting festival and the “All people engage in irrigation” movement.


The ceremony to launch a tree planting festival and the “All people engage in irrigation” movement in 2024.

Every year, at the beginning of spring, Muong La district organises the tree planting festival. The movement of planting trees and protecting forests is of interest to the Party Committees and authorities at all levels and people in the district, thus contributing to preserving land and forests, protecting the environment, boosting economic development, and improving the quality of people's lives.

In 2023, Muong La district well protected 67,894 hectares of existing forests, with a coverage rate of 47.72%; supported the protection of 7,600 hectares of forests in accordance with the National Assembly’s Resolution No. 88/2019/QH14; planted 72.04 hectares of new forests; and taken care of 355.3 hectares of forest planted in previous years, and 500 hectares of natural regeneration.  As many as 490,000 scattered trees, mainly forestry trees, were planted.

Leaders of Muong La district plant trees at the launching ceremony.

After the launching ceremony, district leaders and more than 400 officials and employees of divisions and organisations, and people in Pi Toong commune planted 400 ‘ban’ (bauhinia) flower trees at the headquarters of Pi Toong commune, along Highway 279D; and did irrigation work in the field of Lua hamlet, Pi Toong commune.

People of Pi Toong commune join forces to do irrigation work.

On the same day, Muong La district’s police force launched tree planting in commemoration of President Ho Chi Minh, who initiated the festival in 1960.

Muong La district’s police leaders plant trees in Phieng Tin sub-area, It Ong town.

Leaders of the Muong La district’s police force called on all officers and soldiers to plant, care for, and protect trees to creating a green, clean, and beautiful landscape.

After the launching ceremony, policemen planted 200 ‘ban’ and ‘lat’ trees in Phieng Tin sub-area, It Ong town, creating a vibrant emulation atmosphere right in the first days of the Year of the Dragon.


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