Nearly 113,560 people in Son La receive medical checkups, treatment

Since the beginning of 2024, health facilities in Son La province have well organized examination, treatment and emergency; and improved the quality of medical services.

Performing a biochemical test at the Thao Nguyen General Hospital in Moc Chau district.

In January, they provided checkups and treatment to 113,557 residents, including 18,181 inpatients, in January. As many as 9,830 children under 1 year old were fully vaccinated; while 13,826 kids received hepatitis B vaccine after birth.

In particular, during the Lunar New Year 2024, the province directed strengthening food safety inspections and proactively preparing response measures whenever a food poisoning case happens.

The locality also paid attention to preventive medicine work, detecting and promptly controlling dengue fever at a number of facilities.



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