“Truong Sa Landmark” inaugurated at Mai Son school

The Youth Union and the Vietnam Youth Federation in Mai Son district on June 8 coordinated with other agencies to inaugurate the "Truong Sa Landmark" at the Binh Minh Primary and Secondary School in Co Noi commune.

At the inauguration ceremony of the “Truong Sa Landmark”.

The 6.87m-long structure, covering an area of ​​7.3 sq.m, was constructed by the district Youth Union and Vietnam Youth Federation in coordination with the Binh Minh Primary and Secondary School from the beginning of May.

The steel-reinforced concrete model is carved with the national emblem, the national flag, the name of Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago and its geographical location (latitude and longitude), and a bronze drum formed by concentric circles, demonstrating the consensus and solidarity of the Vietnamese people.

Delegates cut the ribbon to inaugurate the “Truong Sa Landmark”.

The project has beautified the school's campus, becoming a historical address with visual communications values for officials, teachers, and students about Vietnam’s sovereignty over its border, seas and islands. It helps arouse love for the country and national pride, and raise youth’s awareness, responsibility and role in promoting revolutionary traditions and patriotism in safeguarding the country’s sacred sovereignty, especially over the Truong Sa and Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelagos.

It forms part of activities celebrating the Vietnam Sea and Island Week 2024, from June 1-8, and the 4th Congress of the Vietnam Youth Federation in Mai Son district for the 2024-2029 tenure.


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